About pizza truck designs

The idea of selling pizzas on a truck is great. Foremost, pizzas on wheels’ gives vendors flexibility of operation. That is, to bring pizzas to parks, outdoor markets, events and other public places. More so, if the location does not work, owners can quickly move to more convenient locations.

Food van design

To get the most of a pizza truck business utmost regard must be had to the truck’s design. A pizza truck design is essentially quite distinct from your everyday trucks; both in visual identity and package design. Such designs include the enclosed pizza truck design and the open- truck design. The enclosed pizza truck type offers the best option to work in optimum conditions such as sunny days and winter seasons. For comfortable working during sunny days, though, it is important that the ideal truck is designed with rooftop air- conditioner. You can find more information about our commercial kitchen design on our Shop fittings website. The materials used in its constructions should also be carefully selected. In this regard, coved seamless flooring and powder-coated aluminium walls are an excellent choice.

Open air

Another pizza truck type is the Open -air pizza oven. The open-air pizza oven is characterised by more view of the operations inside the truck such as preparation of pizzas and their storage. For this design, ensure to invest in quality kitchen design and storage. Regarding visual identity, a pizza truck must be identifiable as one by any passersby. Smart branding is a key note here. For instance, the truck design could feature a logo of the business and images of pizza. More so, there should be careful selection of colours. This could be flashy colours or the dull colours. The rule, however, is that the chosen colours should be fun and complements the pizza cuisine.

Food van shape

Regarding package design, it is possible to play around with even the smallest of truck spaces so to accommodate the maximum pizzas. Foremost, it is noteworthy that the shape of the truck design determines the available interior size. The most accommodative shapes in this regard are square or rectangle. The rectangle truck design also offers more ventilation space.
Another space- saving pizza truck design is one with panels that lift off. Ideally, the panels will lift and be used as pizza serving panels.

Further, the ideal truck design should be determined by whether one wants a full mobile kitchen or a full mobile pizza truck. The full mobile kitchen design means that you will be preparing food on site while the full mobile pizza design means that the truck shall be designed for storage and retail space.

The full mobile kitchen design is prudent because pizzas need to be freshly assembled at the point of sale. When designing, this type, regard must be had to interior truck designs, wall and ceiling finish, plumbing system by professionals like Plumber Baulkham Hills, entry door, flooring options.
These two trucks’ types are also referred to as mobile food preparation vehicles or the industrial catering vehicle. The mobile food Preparation vehicle(MFPV) is the equivalent of full mobile kitchen design whereby pizzas is prepared while the customers wait. The industrial catering vehicle(ICV) on the other hands sells only precooked pizzas.

Wood fired pizza truck

Notably, the MFPV costs more than the ICV due to the additional facilities required in its running.
Another ideal pizza truck designs are the Pizza (Wood-Fired) Trucks. Essentially, the design is one of the most comfortable. Structurally, pizza trucks must be designed with the right materials and technology. Steel frames and aluminium doors are undoubtedly ideal for easy cleaning and also because they are highly durable. Most importantly, regard must be had to the size of the pizza truck. For newcomers, stating on a small truck could be ideal because it costs less. It may, however, mean that certain facilities will not be included such as the kitchen or the generator. The cleaning set-up, however, is mandatory. When limited in space, go for Hand Sink w/ Side Splashguards.

Large pizza trucks, on the other hand, present a professional appearance and can accommodate handy equipment for better operation. A good example of such equipment is a Double-stacked Conveyor Pizza Oven and larger preparation and serving tables.

Finally, to run a successful ‘pizza- on -wheels’ business, one must plan for additional costs that include the costs of a parking lot and getting permits for their operation. These costs greatly vary from state to state. Also, one might want to consider where they will be parking the truck at the end of day. In some countries, it is mandatory that the trucks be parked in approved commissary locations.

Noaw Meat Slicers

Noaw Meat slicerCommercial Meat Slicers

When it comes to commercial meat slicer, you need to know the thickness of the aim cut and the size of the blade. In general,  you will find most of them between 200 mm to 350 mm blade. They are ideal to use in supermarket, deli store, pizza shop and of course butcher shop. If you are looking to have a shop fittings, we might offer you a discount on all equipment including the meat slicer 😉

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Commercial Kitchen Design

Petra Group is expanding their design and interior design team with new crew members featuring some of the most talented designer in the hospitality designer. From concept, we start with your commercial kitchen design on Auto CAD your project in 2D then 3D. We list your catering equipment and furniture needed for your restaurant.

We move into the estimation and options level where one of our professional will assist you in choosing the right oven, mixer, commercial dishwashers and so on. Once we have all of it listed and prepare an application to submit to the Council. Once approved, we start your project and you just have to relax until your shop is ready for take off.


Convection ovens

Petra Equipment vs Kmart

We recently studied the crawling process on different Convection ovens website and it came to us that they all are very different. For example, Petra Equipment will use a stronger internal structure with a mix of follow and no-follow relation-attribute while the Good Guys ill use a split landing page with content / product / similar products. When it comes to speed, some company like Kmart will play on the screen contract and give up to 30% less scripts and coding.

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