A Closer Look At 5 Biggest Toys Companies In The World In 2017

Children really love playing with toys and as research clearly shows, there are also many adults who secretly play with toys in their free time. The quality of a toy determines how long it will last and a high quality toy should be very difficult to break. There are toy companies that are committed to manufacturing high quality and durable toys that provide your child great playing time . Below are the  5 biggest toys companies in the world in 2017.

5. Lego
This toy company has been around for many years and it’s clearly regarded as one of the best toy companies in the world. This company provides children with the ability to be creative and create any item that they want. The Lego come in different sizes depending on the age of the child. Smaller children should use bright and big blocks that allow them to manipulate things at ease. It is worth noting down that Lego have been around for many years and they’re also able to adapt some popular themes that allow them to form Lego sets. There is many Lego Series such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Friends.

4. Hasbro
What makes Hasbro very popular is their ability to make different types of toys. They’re popular for making high quality educational toys and action figures. Many children love action figures especially when they resemble some cartoon characters. Hasbro makes toys like Beyblades and transformers. They put approximately 311 different types of toys in the market each year. This toy company is always trying to develop and expand and their toys can be found in almost every store.

maxresdefault (2)

3. Nintendo
You can’t mention the best toy companies in the world without naming Nintendo. This game company is considered to be a classic and it’s actually responsible for creating the Mario Brothers which are actually still very popular today. Nintendo games can be played by all children regardless of their age. Nintendo is trying to adapt different systems to try and keep up with the changing market. Popular games like Pokémon and Sonic are all developed by Nintendo and they’re played by both children and adults.

2. Mattel
This company is very popular in the world and it’s actually responsible for making one toy that is actually very popular for most little girls. The company developed Barbie, which is a toy that is adored by many little girls. This classic toy has been popular for many decades and the company is expanding both Barbie’s and her friends looks by giving her a more ethnic and diverse look. The toy also comes with many accessories, cars and clothing. The childhood of any little girl is not complete until she has a Barbie toy.

1. VTech
This is the most popular toy company in the world and is known for making educational Vtech toys for children. They make toys for teens, preteens and also children. The company also makes books for learners that allow them to easily follow various concepts as the toy reads to them. VTech also makes computers for children and there are various games in the computers that are specifically designed for the children.

These are some of the 5 biggest toys companies in the world in 2017. The toys are educational to the children and allow them to have some fun as well. Toys are very important to children because they help them make amazing childhood memories that will never be forgotten.

Zakat Al-Mal Explained

Zakat Al-Mal, also known as Zakah, is one of the Islam pillars that deals with matters finance. This spiritual practice entails setting aside 2.5% of a person’s savings and property gathered over one year; also known as Nisaab. The nisaab however should get to a minimum threshold before the Zakat giving to the poor is given. This noble practice is largely adhered to in Muslim countries. For instance, in Pakistan, Zakat Al-Mal is deducted by law, from one’s saved up money / property and it is mandatory. Unless the individual can present a certificate of exception, then the deduction is not made.

Muslims believe that through giving Zakat Al-Mal, one purifies his wealth from the evil that may devour it. It is also a noble act that gains them and the receiver certain benefits and discussed below. The Zakat Al-Mal contribution is a set obligation and the funds collected are used as alms (money and food given to the poor). Through this exercise, the Muslim aim to eradicate poverty and ensure an equal distribution of wealth among communities.

Zakat Al-Mal, should however not be confused with tax. These are two different things and Zakat is much lower than tax deductions across many parts in the world. Zakat should not be used to set up mosques or to pay off the deceased debts or even bury them. It should not be given to your own immediate family, it should reach out to the needy.

zakat-al-fitr-aumone-de-la rupture-du-jeune-2-minBENEFITS

Indeed, certain key benefits are acquired by both the giver and receiver through the Zakat Al-Mal practice. These include the following; discouraging begging and countering destitute living among Muslims, also the giver cleanses his wealth and gains blessings from Allah. The giving teaches self-discipline and serves to free oneself from the love of worldly possessions and fighting greed. Zakat Al-Mal helps to aid people who are in debt and cannot pay back start on a clean slate. Families living in destitute standards are fed, clothed and sheltered (offered basic needs) through Zakat.
Through giving, one draws to Allah and a mutual connection is forged between the giver and the receiver.


Since this is a mandatory obligation for all Muslim men and women to give, there is however a caveat. If one does not have Nisaab that accumulates to a certain amount over a period of one year, he or she cannot give.
Other individuals who cannot give but are recipients of Zakat Al-Mal include the following;

– The poor and the very needy.- Muslim converts who are struggling to find their footing.- Travelers stranded in the course of their journey.- The destitute with barely means to fend for their basic needs.- People in debts they are unable to pay back.- Zakat collectors who not only collect but also distribute the collections and- Zakat is also given to relief offering organizations who cater for the poor in the community.
Most Muslims choose to give Zakat Al-Mal during the season of Ramadhan as this marks the apt time for sharing through giving and a season of blessings. Learn more about Qurban today.

What makes a good logo for real estate?


A good logo helps in building the foundation of any booming venture and it is an absolute necessity for the real estate firms. If a perfect amalgamation of colors, fonts, graphics can be made; it can produce a catchy design that would have an enduring impression on corporate buyers and consumers. It can also help to stand out amongst competitors, irrespective of the size of business. The most accomplished real estate firms are ones that have years of success and a massive amount of resources and experience. So, most real estate ventures have a formal approach towards shaping their brand and rely on an influential logo that serves like an anchor for the identity of their brand.

real estate

5 aspects that should be kept in mind while creating a brand logo

a) Buyers mostly look for properties when they scroll through the web for listings. Some of them look for agents too. So when a logo is created, the slogan and the image related to the property should be completely describing the name of the property.

b) While making real estate logo design, thoughts about outline of a house, rooftops, buildings, a sign saying ‘For Sale’ are inevitable. These images easily help an individual to understand and create an image in the head about the exact type of business the firm provides. Additionally, most sellers and buyers of houses look for professionals of real estate who would go out of their way and assist in terms of price negotiation, paperwork, comparable listings etc. One can be mindful of these things while designing the logo so that a consumer that easily understand about all the services that are provided by the business just by looking at the logo. Some texts can also be added to produce a comprehensive logo that stands out in the crowd amongst other businesses.


c) In order to be noticeable in the market, the design is key. Logos of real estate companies sometimes highlight the company name with a color that complements and coincides with the graphic design. Something that looks too bold should be avoided, unless one wants to put on a look or identity that is absolutely different from its other counterparts. Sometimes, firms add images that resemble geographical features of the particular area e,g deserts, rolling hills, symbolic oceans, etc.

d) The first thing that comes to notice about any logo is the color and then the font. In real estate logo design, the color should be in sync with the property type that is going to be sold. If there are units near the beach that are to be sold, then the ideal colors are yellows, bright blue, light blue etc. However if there are industrial or corporate properties that needs to be sold, then the perfect colors should be navy blue, shades of gray and other conservative colors. When it comes to the font, something that is easily legible, looks clean should be chosen.

e) Keeping all the above mentioned things in mind, most importantly the logo should represent the business accurately. Although, it is about offering professional services, but keeping it slightly casual is important too as that helps to connect with the commoners. The logo should neither be too stuffy not should it be super casual. There should be a balance like “business casual”.

How Robot Coupe became the #1 food processor

With the increase in technology, the resources we have for our daily needs are being upgraded continuously. Advancing technology has made it possible for us to process and prepare our food items with more ease. We now have access to all kinds of electrical equipment and food processors so that our tasks in the kitchen become easy, scientific and hygienic. Earlier there used to exist manual food processors and manual tools with which we used to prepare and process our food items. Nowadays we have access to all kinds of food processors which are both state of the art and effective in reducing our manual labor. There are a lot of food processing companies which exist today, but one such name has broken all barriers of distance and has emerged as one of the leading food processing companies today in the world. In this article, we shall talk about how Robot Coupe emerged from being the popular food processing manufacturer in France to the whole world.


Robot Coupe and food processors

When it comes to food processors, a lot of things come to mind like blenders, purifiers, vegetable choppers, mixer grinders, etc. To facilitate repetitive and tedious tasks in the kitchen, we need food processors as they simplify the task for us. Also it is possible to prepare large quantities of food items with these processors. In France around the year 1960, Robot coupe was born when a salesman noticed that his customers were taking too much time in the kitchen chopping and preparing food products. The company made use of electrical motors which were popular at that time in France and incorporated them into patented designs. The company strive hard to produce designs and products which would suit the needs of households throughout the country. They began to manufacture food processors which would make t immensely easy to prepare food items on a large scale. Soon they developed processors to be used on a industrial scale and wiped other competitors from business.

Dedication innovation and research

The company has dedicated itself to produce the very best of food processors. The company through its research and development and its endeavour to give customers the best service and support has made it a leading worldwide standard of the industry in food processing today. The company arrived and established itself in the United States through various shows, seminars, exhibitions and events. Conventions throughout the country make the name of Robot Coupe synonymous among food processors. The company has spread globally and now is present in almost all of the continents today including Oceania. The company now has widespread recognition in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The company is now the leader in the refinement and development of food processors, preparation units for vegetables and combination processing parts. In 1998, Robot Coupe introduced the “Blixer” to the world. It is a combination of a blender and food processor in one machine. It enabled the healthcare industry to serve the same food to everyone on their facility by processing food for the patients with modified needs without any loss of nutrients. The Blixer also helps chefs prepare the smoothest of purees and patties in seconds.

Noaw Meat Slicers

Noaw Meat slicerCommercial Meat Slicers

When it comes to commercial meat slicer, you need to know the thickness of the aim cut and the size of the blade. In general,  you will find most of them between 200 mm to 350 mm blade. They are ideal to use in supermarket, deli store, pizza shop and of course butcher shop. If you are looking to have a shop fittings, we might offer you a discount on all equipment including the meat slicer 😉

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Commercial Kitchen Design

Petra Group is expanding their design and interior design team with new crew members featuring some of the most talented designer in the hospitality designer. From concept, we start with your commercial kitchen design on Auto CAD your project in 2D then 3D. We list your catering equipment and furniture needed for your restaurant.

We move into the estimation and options level where one of our professional will assist you in choosing the right oven, mixer, commercial dishwashers and so on. Once we have all of it listed and prepare an application to submit to the Council. Once approved, we start your project and you just have to relax until your shop is ready for take off.


Convection ovens

Petra Equipment vs Kmart

We recently studied the crawling process on different Convection ovens website and it came to us that they all are very different. For example, Petra Equipment will use a stronger internal structure with a mix of follow and no-follow relation-attribute while the Good Guys ill use a split landing page with content / product / similar products. When it comes to speed, some company like Kmart will play on the screen contract and give up to 30% less scripts and coding.

convection oven

Snoring Mouth Guard

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